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Four ways to find products in Japan


Check the page for available products. They are only a few of the examples you can order.
We will liaise with them first, and negotiate terms, etc. If you want to communicate with them directly, you can, too. Also, many of the suppliers are small but are more reasonable and flexible with the terms than big enterprises.

Register and post your ads. Let us know what you are looking for. We will look for you and give you a list of suggestions or you may be contacted by suppliers directly.
You can contact us at, as well.

There are some online malls available in English where you can browse products. You may notice many are same products available in your country, but try look for something original. If you find anything interesting, we will contact and/or look for wholesalers.

Gift Show/Trade Show

(Check Japan and industry for a refined search)
Come to Japan! and visit trade shows and gift shows.
Or we can go to the show for you and make a full report on products you are interested in.

How it works

Finding products to Shipping to your destination

1) Find Products

In general, products made in Japan (or manufactured elsewhere under supervision of Japanese company) are of very high quality and therefore more costly than products from China. Focusing on added value, authenticity, uniqueness and such would be important to be profitable. If you don’t have any particular item in mind but have a broad idea about what would sell in your country, we will help you with research and suggestions.

2) Get Sample

You should always get some samples. Many suppliers are wholesalers so they have stocks. If you are interested in creating/customizing your original products, we can help product development as well.

3) Negotiate Terms

If you like the product, time to negotiate. MOQ really depends. We would recommend to start with about 100 unit to minimize risk (on both sides).

4) Payment

We accept International Wire Transfer, Paypal, eCheck (to our US bank).
If the order amount is under USD 1,000, 100% Deposit will be required (escrow is available). Above USD 1,000, negotiable.

5) Product Inspection

Defect ratio is usually less than 1%, but it’s a good idea to do inspection before shipping also to make sure all requests are complied with.

5) Shipping and Export Customs Clearance

DHL, EMS, Yamato or any other suitable carrier.

Service fees

Product Search and Sample Ordering are Free!

Limited time only!

Find Products/Supplier

regular price $99+
  • Let us know what you are interested in.
  • We’ll do research.
  • We’ll give you a list of suggestions.
  • Pick products and/or suppliers we’ll contact them.

Sample Ordering

regular price $19+
  • Please pay actual cost for product and shipping
  • Will be shipped by EMS or ePacket (Japan Post Office) Registered, insured, 7-10 days.
  • PayPal only

Product Inspection

On their premises
from $129
  • Outside Tokyo, extra $50


  • Invoice will be issued in USD.
  • You will be responsible for
  • Paypal – 4%
  • International Wire transfer – $12 for receiving fee (plus what your bank charges $30-$50 ave. )


  • We’ll pick most suitable and economical carrier.
  • You can specify your carrier, too
  • Pay the actual cost.

Export Clearance Service

Documents and processes
from $99
  • Standard documents are free.
  • Additional documents and/or processes.